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Personal loans

Make your plans a reality without waiting! The Personal Loan will easily finance your projects without having to justify the use of the funds.

Access all Personal Loan offers from the comfort of your own home! 100% online, consult and request the offer you’re looking for and carry out your credit project with ease.

Home loan

Find out about the offers available from mortgage specialists online. You can put together an application in just a few minutes and simulate your project. All types of property loans are available to you. You can also take advantage of our advisers’ advice to make your project a success under the best possible conditions.

Apply for your home loan in just a few minutes, 100% free of charge and with no obligation!

Car loans

Finance your new or used car with a car loan. Car credit allows you to finance a purchase from a private individual or a professional (dealer, agent). Car credit is the quickest and easiest way to finance a new car.

Access all our car loan offers from the comfort of your own home! 100% online, consult and request the offer you’re looking for and complete your credit project with ease!

Works loan

Discover PNG Finance’s specialised offers for financing your home improvements! Terms of up to 20 years to suit your budget. Discover our selection of banks, simulate and ask!

The most competitive rates! PNG Finance offers you the best deals available, apply for your works loan!

Quick, no-obligation credit simulation

Do you urgently need money to finance a project or buy something? The best personal finance solution available to you in this case is fast, no-account Internet credit.

Consumer credit is a form of financial loan available to everyone. (It is also available to people who have been banned from banking). It is intended for private individuals and can be used to finance the purchase of goods or services of any kind, such as higher education, a trip abroad, the purchase of a car, building work, etc.

There’s nothing complicated about finding a fast online loan. All you have to do is apply online. No-account consumer credit offers a host of advantages, including practicality, speed, ease of use and reliability. It comes in different forms, such as revolving credit, which gives you access to a certain reserve of money available at all times, or a personal loan with no proof of use, which allows you to borrow up to KDN 5,500,000.

Applying for a money loan is quick and easy, and can be done online. However, it is advisable to have a good borrower profile and repayment capacity before applying for a loan. It’s also worth bearing in mind that when you apply for a fast, no-account online loan, the funds can be released fairly quickly.

PNG Finance, immediate response: what you need to know

Getting money fast is easy with PNG Finance with immediate response. What’s more, you can apply for fast credit within 24 hours if you need money urgently. This credit is very useful to help you out in any situation where you need to borrow money quickly to unblock a difficult situation.

As this is an urgent internet credit, the administrative procedures have been reduced so that you can get an immediate response. No invoices or proof of purchase will be required. The aim of this quick and easy credit is simply to help you meet your urgent cash requirements and enable you to carry out projects, repay debts, pay bills, buy equipment, etc., among other things.

Don’t hesitate to apply online to take advantage of instant online credit and solve all your money and financing problems. And don’t forget to use PNG Finance’s free credit simulator to find the best deal.

Our satisfied customers testify

Over 5,638 PNG Finance customer reviews collected and 97% satisfied!

Wendy Michael

Professionalism, excellent advice, adaptability, excellent knowledge of loan types and competitive rates: I was totally satisfied with your services and the excellent work of my advisor.

Wendy Michael Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

David Luman

I won't hesitate for a second to contact you again for other credit applications. Thank you for your efficiency.

David Luman Gumine, Papua New Guinea

Bernard Delano

I have never known another lender more prepared or focused. You have the ability to handle a case like a skilled surgeon, with absolute composure. Nothing seems to bother you or distract you from the objective of a case.

Bernard Delano Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Marguerite Kaika

I'm glad I chose PNG FINANCE for my tax returns and would recommend them to anyone.

Marguerite Kaika Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Jessica Gelua

I needed money and I found this structure's platform. I haven't regretted contacting them at all. They have a very attractive rate.

Jessica Gelua Chimbu, Papua New Guinea

Judi Kessy

Thank you for the excellent job you did on our loan. Your whole team was very professional and always listened to us. We'll be sure to mention your services to others.

Judi Kessy Mendi, Papua New Guinea