About us

PNG Finance is a brand name, an international brand, formalised expertise, the experience of a team and a network.

PNG Finance are true local professionals. They act as advisers for all types of finance: Whether it’s a loan between private individuals, a car loan, a revolving loan, a home improvement loan, a property loan, a student loan, a travel/holiday loan, a business loan, a wedding loan or a revolving loan, our branches always offer a perfectly adapted solution.

PNG Finance is also one of the few credit brokers with genuine expertise in loan repurchasing and debt restructuring.

In addition to the race to find the best rate, the profession of Intermédiaire en Opérations de Banque, commonly known as “credit broker”, requires a perfect knowledge of how lending organisations work and what they have to offer. First-time buyers, buying a main residence, buying a house, asset management, credit restructuring, over-indebtedness… there are many different situations. There’s a solution for every situation.

Thanks to a pooling of services, dedicated tools and methods, and the multiple skills of its teams, PNG Finance has a recognised professional reputation.